Sunday, June 22, 2008

Indian astrologer, Bejan Daruwalla, has some advice for Roger Federer!!!

Even the heavens rejoice when the two gladiators of tennis, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, square up on a tennis court. If one of them is thunder then the other is lightning. Their’s is a crackling chemistry that few others can match. I have seen women jump from their seats, scream their lungs out and roll their eyes in wild frenzy as Nadal hits a crisp, left-handed cross-court forehand and it zooms past a fully stretched out Federer.
This particular picture the world has witnessed time and again. The latest was the recent French Open final when Nadal crushed Federer in straight sets. Chances are that they’d slug it out again in the Wimbledon final. And this time, the defending champion will probably not be the overwhelming favorite to retain his crown. Nadal is being tipped as a worthy successor to Federer and rightly so. With the kind of physique he possesses — the rippling muscles stand proof to that, the stroke power, the grunting and the snorting, it would be no surprise if he upsets the ‘king of grass’.

I have fallen in love with the drop shot of Federer. Also, I’m hugely impressed by the power and precision, a rare mix, in the service of Federer. It is this service which gives him an opening and a chance to move in for the kill. Here are a few useful tips for Federer. 

He should come more often to the net, because he has the reach, the agility, and the dexterity to volley for an outright winner, or to make a strong opening for it, and with the next volley, finish it. The Sun and versatile Mercury in Leo, is the key to it.


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