Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Cinders, the pig that's afraid of mud!!!

When pig farmers Debbie and Andrew Keeble discovered a newborn member of their herd was afraid of mud, they were left scratching their heads over what to do.

But, after thinking on the hoof, they soon realised a pair of wellies worn by a Paddington Bear toy fitted the young porker's tiny trotters like a glove.

And after buying a second bear to provide enough boots for all her feet, Cinders - named after the fairytale character Cinderella who snugly fit glass slippers - had her problem solved.

Now, more like the fabled Puss in Boots, the young porker is as happy as, well, a pig in mud, and can trot around the farmyard without fear.

Mr and Mrs Keeble, of Bedale, North Yorkshire, now only have to worry about where they'll find the next pair of boots for their sensitve piglet.

Mail Online

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