Thursday, May 29, 2008

WTF! Babies dumped "because they were girls..."

A couple who had IVF in India are believed to have dumped their twin babies in a British hospital after finding out they were girls.

The mother aged 59 and the father 72, are said to have abandoned the babies after telling medics they were the 'wrong sex' because they wanted boys.

It is understood that the babies, who are now less than two weeks old, were abandoned soon after birth and have not been visited once by their parents.

The couple travelled to India for fertility treatment but returned to Britain for the birth. The twins were born by Caesarean Section at New Cross Hospital in Wolverhampton.

Their mother - one of Britain's oldest - reportedly discharged herself against the advice of doctors who told her she should stay in hospital for a week after her operation.

She and her husband are thought to be of Indian descent but British residents living in the West Midlands.

Aftter the birth in Wolverhampton, the children were transferred to another hospital in Birmingham.

A spokeswoman for New Cross Hospital said today: 'We can confirm a pair of twins were born at New Cross Hospital. They were healthy and well.

'They were born here because the maternity (facility) where the parents were living was busy, so a few days later they were transferred to a Birmingham hospital, where the parents were living.'

In certain Asian cultures, sons are more highly prized than daughters because it is believed they will work from a younger age and carry on the family name.

In India, girls are considered an economic burden as their parents traditionally need to provide a dowry payment for them when they get married - often resulting in financial ruin or extreme hardship for many families when the women marry. More...

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