Thursday, May 15, 2008

UEFA Cup final: Rangers fans transform Manchester into a battle-ground and rubbish dump...


  1. Hi. Not all involved were Rangers fans. Reports and eye-witnesses say that there were casuals (hoolis) from many major clubs in the area of the riots - Manchester City, United, Millwall, Chelsea, Westham. Papers also report many of the arrested had English accents of various sorts. Other paper articles also claim that the police were a big part in the reason the riots started it.

    Therefor I don't think it's a fair comment that Rangers fans were all responsible for this, with this video as argument only. It's definately not fair towards the 129 500 Rangers fans that did not participate in any riots.

    Want to show a video. Find the one where Rangers fans gets kicked by the Manchester police while they're laying down.

  2. Sorry for the late reply, but I am travelling in Asia and have been not blogging much. You could be right, but do you have the site where Rangers fans get kicked by Manchester cops?