Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Philadelphia cops involved in taped beatings to be fired...

Four Philadelphia police officers will be fired, three others will be disciplined and a supervising sergeant will be demoted because of the violent beating of three suspects caught after a shooting, the city's mayor and police commissioner said Monday.

On May 5, a television news helicopter captured footage of more than a dozen predominantly white police officers pulling three African-American men out of a car after a pursuit.

The video footage shows the officers kicking, punching and striking the suspects with batons while the men lie restrained on the ground.
Two of the men were struck at least 20 times each. More...

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  1. This is complete bullshit. Why do we even allow officers to have firearms? It is my firm belief that officers should be left defenseless and in the face of any danger. And yes, maybe they hit them a few more times than necessary to subdue them, so what? They deserved it. This is your typical left-wing, ACLU, Jesse Jackson response on how the police department should be ran. The police wouldn't beat people if people didn't commit crimes. Get a job and stop shooting people you gangbangin' jiggaboo!!!

  2. Too bad your mother didn't practice birth control...what a waste of sperm...