Thursday, May 22, 2008

Man.Utd: Kings of England, Kings of Europe!!!

Manchester United's victorious players are returning to England with the Champions League trophy after their thrilling win over Chelsea in Moscow.

The United squad celebrated the penalty shoot-out win well into the early hours at a party in their hotel.

BBC sports news correspondent James Pearce said the party had gone on until 1000 local time, and the team's return has been put back by at least an hour.

Meanwhile, Chelsea have already begun their trip back to Gatwick airport.

In a dramatic final, Manchester United took the lead through Ronaldo before Frank Lampard equalised for Chelsea. More...

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  1. The best champions league final since 99.

  2. Yes!Though I was slightly disappoined with the 2nd half,but I suppose that's because I'm a Man.Utd. fan!!!