Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Chinese official begs on his knees to prevent protests!!

The image was startling: A Chinese official on his knees, begging.

The Communist Party secretary of Mianzhu city pleaded with protesting parents — whose children were killed in a school collapse during China's recent devastating earthquake — not to complain to higher authorities, the Southern Metropolis Daily newspaper reported Monday.

Despite Jiang Guohua's pleas, the parents of the 127 children who died in the collapse kept marching Sunday and eventually met with higher officials, who told them the government would investigate.

The march was the latest example of growing anger among Chinese about the quake, especially the fact that nearly 7,000 schoolrooms were destroyed while school was in session. Parents at several schools have held protests, defying the government's general disapproval of such demonstrations.

A photograph on the newspaper's Web site shows Jiang on his knees, his arms outstretched in vain. More...

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