Sunday, February 12, 2012

Burglar vacuumed home, folded laundry and cooked dinner...

A South Bend mother returned home Monday night with her son and discovered Keith Davis, 46, had broken in and cleaned her apartment in the 4600-block of Lance Court.

"I seen my living room light on and the bedroom light on, so once we came up the stairs I figured my brother was home. I turned the knob and it was locked, so I seen my screen open and I pushed my window open and it was some random guy in my kitchen," said tenant Ashley Murray.

Murray then walked away from the window with her son and called police before yelling at Davis to leave her home.

"I'm like 'the police are on their way' and he told me 'the police already been here', closed my window, locked it back up and closed my door and sat in a chair in front of the window until the police came. Once I finally got a chance to get in I then notice he cooked some chicken and onions in a pan, folded my clothes up and swept my floor," said Murray. "The police said it looked like he was a good chef. it looked like he had broth and everything in it." Full story...

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