Thursday, September 29, 2011

"Stupidest burglars" in Switzerland caught making kebabs!!!

A shame-faced dad has dubbed his son "one of the stupidest burglars in Switzerland" after the young man broke into a takeaway with two friends to make kebabs and drink spirits following a night out on the town.

The trio from Syria, Croatia and Serbia, aged between 18 and 22, were caught in the act by police and are behind bars for breaking in not once but twice over the course of the same evening to a kebab shop in Hochdorf in central Switzerland.

First the men broke in and entered the establishment to quickly steal beer and cigarettes. When they became peckish later on, the friends repeated the raid to have their fill of free alcohol and food, Blick newspaper reported.

The double burglars climbed into the kebab shop through the air-conditioning vent and brazenly stayed there for a few hours. Full story...

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