Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Prisoners in Germany go on hunger strike for internet, pay TV and conjugal visits...

Five prisoners in Lower Saxony deemed too dangerous to release even though they have served their sentences are on a hunger strike for better conditions including internet access, pay TV and conjugal visits.

Georg We├čling, a spokesman for the Lower Saxony Justice Ministry, announced that the five prisoners at Celle prison took their last meals on Monday morning and had since refused food. Three of the five have also launched legal action against state Justice Minister Bernd Busemann.

They are all being held under Germany’s preventive detention laws, meaning they have served their original jail sentences but are considered too dangerous to release. Both Germany’s Constitutional Court and the European Court of Human Rights have deemed the preventive detention system illegal and demanded an overhaul.

 Among other things, the hunger-striking prisoners are demanding free access to the internet, pay TV and conjugal visits. They are basing their demands on the May decision by the Constitutional Court, which ruled that preventive detention needs to be fundamentally different from an ordinary prison sentence. More...

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