Monday, July 25, 2011

Student in India goes to court because she passed an exam she wanted to fail!!!

A Class 12 student from West Bengal's East Midnapore district took a calculated risk when she crossed her mathematics exam paper, hoping to fail in it.

But she failed in her mission, and was awarded 54 per cent marks. Now she has approached the Calcutta High Court to right the wrong done to her.

Malabika Maiti said she should not have been declared pass in the Class 12 mathematics exam she took this year as she had deliberately crossed her answers, hoping to reappear in the exam next year.

"She had crossed all her answers with red ink after she realised that she would not get good marks. But when the results were declared she was given 54 marks (out of 100). Our contention is that the paper was not properly evaluated," said Gautam Dey, her counsel, on Saturday. More...

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