Friday, October 03, 2014

14 infants die in 24 hours in West Bengal's Burdwan Hospital...

14 infants have died at the Burdwan Medical College and Hospital in West Bengal in the past 24 hours.

Hospital deputy superintendent Dr Tapas Kumar Ghosh said six infants died between midnight last night till 6 AM today, while eight others died earlier.

Some of the infants were born in the hospital while the rest were referral cases, he said, adding, all of them were in critical condition.

The infants belonged to the age group of 0-1 year.

Stating that there was staff shortage because of the festive season, the deputy superintendent said two nurses had been looking after 360 infants.

Two more nurses were arranged later, he said.

Dr Ghosh said relatives of the dead infants had demonstrated in the hospital and he himself was heckled.

Beds were increased in the recent years but the number of employees was not increased, Dr Ghosh said. Source...

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