Thursday, November 21, 2013

Pushing 80 and given two weeks to live, dying patient cures by cannabis...

Stan and Barb Rutner had already had bouts with cancer earlier in their lives. Barb overcame breast cancer with orthodox treatments and her version of visualization twice. And Stan managed to get through non-Hodgkin lymphoma after six months of treatment. But this time, they were older, and it looked like the end for Stan.

Stan Rutner, a retired dentist and storage facilities owner, was diagnosed with lung cancer which had metastasized into his brain. The diagnosis had surprised him.

He thought he had come down with the flu with his chronic cough. He was in his late 70s, and coping with orthodox cancer treatments was going to be harder than it was before.

This time, the radiation and chemo treatments wore him down completely. He could barely write anymore, and his short term memory was completely shot. He was suffering from extreme weight loss, muscular atrophy, insomnia and a lack of energy, as orthodox cancer treatment side effects combined with cancer's cachexia (wasting away).

After a round of unsuccessful treatments, his condition worsened with pneumonia from radiation inflammation, and he was hospitalized and put on oxygen 24/7. Stan was told that it was time for hospice. Full story...

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