Sunday, September 01, 2013

India's Tamil Nadu to dictate dress code for colleges...

Now, the state will dictate what students should wear to college. The directorate of collegiate education, which is in charge of all arts and science colleges in Tamil Nadu, will soon send a circular banning students from wearing certain articles of clothing, and giving their stamp of approval to others.

Sources in the directorate said male students are expected to be banned from wearing T-shirts, while jeans and sleeveless shirts will be off limits for female students. "Boys will be asked to wear formal outfits, like shirts and trousers, while girls will have to be in salwars or saris," said an official.

Director of collegiate education T Senthamizhselvi said the decision comes in the wake of requests from some college principals. "We will send a detailed circular on the dress code next week," she said. More than three lakh students are enrolled under various programmes in arts and science colleges across the state, and the code will apply to all of them.

Students are not amused. "This is moral policing. Our body is our personal space and we have the right to decide what outfit is appropriate," said a female student of an aided college on the city outskirts. Others said it is only a formal endorsement of the rules that some college managements had imposed on students.

 The idea of imposing a dress code on campus was started in some engineering colleges. In the past couple of years it spread to arts and science colleges. This year, a college on the city outskirts, considered a liberal institution, gave a dress code for students in the student handbook. A leading city college prides itself on having a dress code, giving a female faculty member credit for coming up with one for women students on their website. Another city women's college allows students to wear jeans, but only if their top is long enough to cover the zip in front and the pocket in the back. Those who break the rules are asked to go home and change their outfit. Another city college for women gives a long black salwar to wear for the day. Source...

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