Sunday, September 08, 2013

36 infants die in five days at govt-run Kolkata hospital in India...

At least 36 infants are reported to have died at a government-run children's hospital in Kolkata in the last five days.

While angry parents blame hospital authorities for mismanagement and negligence, doctors at the BC Roy Post-Graduate Institute of Paediatric Sciences, premier children's hospitals in the state, say most of the infants who died were admitted here in extremely critical condition and hence their best efforts to save them didn't help.

But parents who have lost their children refuse to believe. "They are giving wrong treatment. Nurses are not listening to us. That is why the children are being affected," one of them said.


In October 2011, 18 infant deaths in 48 hours at the BC Roy hospital had provoked angry demonstrations by parents and had led to a visit by the Chief Minister. An inquiry conducted on the orders of the government had then absolved the hospital of medical negligence, and had asked for new facilities to be added immediately. Crores were spent on setting up a 30 bed neo-natal care unit after the report. Full story...

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