Thursday, May 09, 2013

Zimbabwe man (49) urinates on sister's blankets to cleanse Satanism!!!

A 49-year-old man from Bulawayo's Iminyela suburb has been arrested for calling his sister a Satanist and urinating on her blankets as a way of cleansing her 'demonic' spirits.

It is reported that on 27 April, Thawuzeni Moyo returned home from a beer drink and found his sister, Shamiso Nemakonde, in the company of their relatives, Ntobeko Moyo and Vanessa Ndlovu.

Without greeting the trio, the man is said to have started accusing his sister of being a Satanist. The two have been at logger heads as Moyo has repeatedly questioned Nemakonde's religious inclination.

It is said that Moyo went about calling his sister a Satanist despite the woman's warnings to Moyo whom he told not to utter such allegations. During one of his tantrums, the man was quoted as saying: "You are a witch, you take pills you are a prostitute. You are a witch you drink human blood. You are a Satanist."

 The woman had had enough of the accusations and proceeded to the police to file a report. While she was away, Moyo is said to have urinated on her blankets in the bedroom. Full story...

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