Thursday, March 07, 2013

Man returns library book after 50 years, avoids £2,700 fine...

A forgetful writer has returned a library book – more than 50 years after borrowing it as a schoolboy.

David Black, 60, took out a work on the artist Goya, by Dr Xavier de Salas, on September 22, 1962.

He said: “I completely forgot to return it. It would pop up every now and again but each time it would slip my mind to actually do it.”

But he finally handed it over during a fees amnesty allowing overdue books to be returned without fines – sparing him the £2762.55 he had racked up.

Arts correspondent Mr Black said: “When I read about the amnesty I decided I must do it, if only to see the librarian’s face. Full story...

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