Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Texas man in murder plot against Ukrainian Internet 'bride' who scammed him...

David Sartin, a rather quiet and unassuming man, was living alone in an old manufactured home on a 3-acre plot in Hankamer, about 25 miles east of Houston. The 49-year-old's only scrape with the law had been a single traffic ticket - until he visited a "dream marriage" website that boasted the "hottest Russian brides."

Now he finds himself sitting in a jail cell, waiting to be sentenced after pleading guilty last week in Beaumont to attempted kidnapping and brandishing a firearm in connection with a bizarre murder-for-hire plot involving a Ukrainian blonde half his age.

The scheme involved abduction, lead poisoning and a fortified room that Sartin added onto his home where he allegedly planned to imprison his would-be wife.

Before his life spun out of control, the small-framed man was living thriftily. His only income came from a disability check following two surgeries on his back which he injured while installing loading dock equipment, relatives said. Full story...

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