Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Harare thief asks for life in Zimbabwe jail because "life in prison is better than life in the streets."

A man convicted of house-breaking in Zimbabwe has asked the judge to jail him for life, state media report.

Lovemore Manyika, 22, wrote a note which was read out in the Harare court, saying: "Life in prison is better than life in the streets."

The Herald newspaper reports that he was disappointed to be only sentenced to three years.

Manyika was released from prison in April after a previous conviction, the paper says.

He broke into two houses in central Harare in July, stealing two mobile phones, a plasma TV and $1,800 (£1,150) in cash.

Six months of his prison term were suspended if he repays $1,956 by 30 September, the paper says. Source...

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