Friday, February 24, 2012

German culture mininstry official stole 13,000 books!!!

A German official from the Hesse state culture ministry has been arrested for stealing more than 13,000 precious books from libraries across the country. He was caught red-handed, weighed down by 53 books found on him.

Police collared the overzealous book-worm on Tuesday at the F├╝rstlich Waldecksche library in the Hessian town of Bad Arolsen, it was reported Thursday.

The library owner, with the suitably literary name Wittekind zu Waldeck und Pyrmont, reported that the 45-year-old bureaucrat enjoyed the librarians’ trust because he explained that he needed the books for private research. He was therefore allowed to roam the stacks at will.

 But when two separate inventories established that books had disappeared and not been returned, the official from the western town of Darmstadt, quickly became prime suspect. A video camera was installed before his next visit, and it duly recorded yet another theft. Full story...

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