Saturday, November 05, 2011

Record number of Britons leaving Australia and heading home...

They have been dubbed "ping pong poms", the British immigrants who tire of their new life in Australia and head back to the UK, and their numbers are growing.

A new study has revealed that of the 107,000 Britons to arrive in Australia between 2005 and 2010, 60 per cent decided to return home.

Last year, a record 7,000 left Australia for the comforts of life back in Britain.

 The reasons behind the decision to turn their back on their new life ranged from complaints about the heat and boredom to a deeper need to be close to friends and family. Full story...

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  1. According to well known anti British blogger Clint Heine it's all down to our fantastic benefits system! He has this theory that his minimum wage job is paying to run the entire country, he has a far better work ethic than anyone else and Millions of people are living a life of luxury on benefits at his expense.

  2. Google David Sanderson... he's our local nutter. Grimbsy do get more than their fair share of 'em!

    1. Is he the one who pretends to have a British passport yet doesn't even have permanent residence and travels on a foreign passport? I'll have to inform UKBA and those nice immigration officers just to give him a squeaky bottom every time he leaves and tries to re enter this country or every time the phone rings, a letter arrives or there is a knock at the door, now that sounds like good fun to me, think I'll get on that right away.