Saturday, July 16, 2011

Schools in Nepal banning mini-skirts, mobile phones and motor-cycles!!!

Higher secondary schools in Pokhara are cracking down on school uniform after girls’ hemlines started climbing. Higher Secondary Schools Association Nepal (HISSAN) Kaski chapter has decided to prohibit students from wearing short skirts in 25 higher secondary schools affiliated to the association in Pokhara.

“We decided to ban short skirts after concluding that it was hampering the academic environment,” said HISSAN Kaski chief Ramakant Baral.

The schools have adopted other new rules to “create a conducive academic ambiance” and as preventive measures against gang fights and road accidents.

HISSAN Kaski Chairman Ramakant Baral said, “We will make the possession of mobile phones at school punishable. Now on, plus-two students will also have to leave their motorcycles at home.” More...

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