Monday, July 18, 2011

Muslim convert in Sydney gets 40 lashes for drinking...

A Sydney man who was held down on his bed and whipped up to 40 times by strangers had recently converted to Islam and was reportedly being punished for drinking.

The 31-year-old was asleep in his apartment in Silverwater, in Sydney's west, when he woke to find four bearded men in his bedroom about 1am (AEST) on Sunday.

Three of the intruders restrained him on the bed while the fourth man used a cable to lash him 40 times.

The attack lasted about 30 minutes and left the man covered in welts, the Seven Network reported on Monday. Full story...

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  1. Great... That's how it should be for Muslims in western countries.

  2. I know what's going to happen once they catch them, if they even bother trying. Nothing. They should have the same thing done to them. Super religion.

  3. Wow! This dumb@$$ doesn't even have buyer's remorse after the beating he received. Welcome to the religion of peace, idiot.