Wednesday, July 06, 2011

From Argentina to Belgium: the awful treatment of the slaughter horses in South America... (Graphic video)

AIA reveals the calvary of South-American slaughterhorses for Belgian consumption. Belgian horse meat companies responsible for mistreatment.

Belgian horse meat companies are responsible for the severe neglect and mistreatment of ten thousands of horses, that are slaughtered in Sout-America. Companies that own slaughterhouses in South-America and sell South-American horse meat to Belgian supermarkets, keep those mistreatments going. That shows from a new investigation of the animal rights organization GAIA. Today, at a press conference in Brussels, GAIA presented a film on the circumstances of transport and slaughter, that was made by a special investigation team in Mexico and Brazil, in the autumn of 2009. The images show how each year many thousands of dehydrated, very skinny and starved horses are transported for days in overloaded trucks, over 2500 kilometers far, to Mexican and Brazilian slaughterhouses. During the long journey, they do not get anything to eat or to drink.

A lot of animals are transported from the United States. Emaciated en very weak horses get electric shocks, so they would keep standing on their feet. Also severely wounded and mistreated animals are transported over huge distances, from cattle markets to slaughterhouses, in trucks that are almost falling apart and that are completely inappropriate for the transport of horses. More...

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