Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Air passenger marched off flight by police because there were not enough seats...

A man today told of his anger after he was forced to leave a plane at Luton because it was overbooked - even though he had a seat.

Danielius Jancauskas, 33, was flying off for a school reunion in Vilnius, Lithuania, on Saturday. But minutes before the Wizz Air flight was due to take off, staff ordered him and another man, who had been "selected at random", to disembark because there were not enough seats.

Mr Jancauskas was escorted off the plane by police and then told there were no available flights until the following day.

The poker specialist, who lives in Stratford, said: "I was offered a flight on Sunday, 400 euros compensation, food vouchers and a hotel. But the reason I was flying to Lithuania was a 15-year anniversary to see my classmates. It happens once in your life."

Mr Jancauskas, who is considering legal action, said the other man had to leave his family, including young children, on board. A Wizz Air spokesman today apologised and said: "This is a standalone case in our airline's practice." Source + photo...

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