Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tamil Nadu's Jayalalitha dishes out free rice, free gold after election triumph...

Giving effect to her major poll promises within hours of assuming office, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa ordered 20 kg of free rice to ration card holders and 35 kg to BPL families and four gram of gold for mangalsutra for girls getting married.

She also doubled the old age pension from Rs 500 to Rs 1,000, increased maternity leave for government staff to six months from three months and financial assistance to fishermen during fishing ban period from Rs 1,000 to Rs 2,000 as she signed relevant files soon after being sworn in.

Jayalalithaa hiked marriage assistance for poor people from Rs 25,000 to Rs 50,000. The 20 kg free rice per month would be available to families who had opted for rice cards. More...

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  1. ADMK’s supreme Leader wants to wipe out corruption. But by giving away 20 Kgs of rice free and other free bonuses she has started the same sort of corruption that DMK had and ADMK had when it was in power before 2001. Not even 20% of the ration rice is purchased by the Ration card holders, 70% of them hold the card for Address and Identity purposes and not for getting subsidised rice that they consider unfit for their consumption. So what happens to the 80% of the rice that is not sold to the ration card holders. Well the officers sell in black market for, may be Rs 3, Rs 4 per Kilo. Does this not lead to corruption? Of course it does. Same thing about all other free gifts. The officers dealing with these receive a bribe before dishing out the four grammes of gold or the marriage cash subsidy. Instead of wasting this money on mismanaged system like rations, let ADMK spend the money in improving the cleanliness of the city let us build decent functioning toilets and stop people urinating and shitting on the edges of the streets. Let ADMK give priority to social welfare because no matter how much free you give you are going to lose the next election. So why not do something to improve the living conditions of peoples?

  2. My neighbour used to get 15 kilos of rice every month for Rs 15 from the ration shop. His monthly income is Rs 65,000( husband and wife work)He pays Rs 20 for Rickshaw to bring him to the rice dealer and sells the rice at Rs 4 per kilo to the rice shop and gets Rs 60. His cost is Rs 35(15 +20) he sells at Rs 60 and he gains Rs 25. A family earning Rs 65,000 a month is so greedy to earn Rs 25 and the DMK and ADMK Govts allow people to pornographically misuse the system meant for the poor. When will India improve as long as politicians, Govt employees and people are greedy and corrupt? Let us build more toilets, better medical facilities, better roads, cleaner environment using these billions pocketed by a selected group of people.

  3. Yes, beware of those who come bearing free gifts...