Saturday, September 20, 2008

Oral sex is all the rage because people are ... cleaner?

Oral sex is the "new black" in the bedrooms of all Australians, according to leading sexual health experts who believe improved hygiene standards and feminism are turning more couples onto the practice.

The Australasian sexual health congress in Perth has been told oral sex, once the exclusive domain of sex workers, has now become a leading part in the sexual repertoire for straight and gay Australians.

"For young people it's an almost universal practice now, with 90 per cent trying it before the age of 30," said Basil Donovan, a professor of sexual health at the University of NSW.

"Among teenagers it's the new abstinence in the Clintonesque sense, because it's a way of having sex without having sex, and there are obvious contraceptive advantages too." More...

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