Friday, September 08, 2017

The South Koreans are cool as ice, so why are we sweating?

ON WEDNESDAY, after another long day of reading non-stop articles about the pending threat to the world from the nuclear armed rogue state of North Korea, I got to feeling worried for the people of Seoul, South Korea.

With President Trump goading North Korea and Kim Jong-un goading President Trump, it must be a pretty frightening time to live there, I figured.

What I learned next surprised me.

South Korea is a pretty small country and its capital is located in the northern part, really not far from the border with North Korea. The city of about 10 million people is about an hour’s drive from the demilitarised zone that separates the two countries.

North Korea claims to have nuclear weapons that could reach America. That may be true, but their ability to wreak havoc on South Korea is undoubtable, nukes or not.

President Trump’s former strategist Steve Bannon gave his sense of what a major conflict might look like in an interview a few weeks back.

“Ten million people in Seoul,” Bannon said, could “die in the first 30 minutes from conventional weapons.”

Those poor South Koreans must be terrified, I thought. Full story...

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