Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Thai woman marries 8 men, flees with dowries!

Police are hunting for a Thai woman accused of marrying at least eight men before fleeing with stacks of dowry money — ranging from THB200,000 to THB500,000 (about US$6,000-US$15,000) per wedding.

One of the victims, Prasarn Tiamyam, 32, filed a report at the Crime Suppression Division yesterday against “ex-wife” Jariyaporn “Nammon” Buayai, 32, who allegedly cheated him of a THB200,000 dowry four days after their wedding at a seaside resort in Prachuap Khiri Khan province.

Following a viral post on social media that warned Thai men to look out for this dowry scammer, Prasarn, who is now remarried, came forward to the police after finding out his past marriage was a lie.

Speaking to Amarin TV, Prasan said that he got to know Nammon when she added him on Facebook in February of 2015. After only nine months, he agreed to marry her because she said she was pregnant. Full story...

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