Friday, August 11, 2017

How a common man became Tamil Nadu's weatherman, whose weather forecasts are trusted by 2 lakh people...

How many of us follow weather updates everyday? They seem like a mundane feature of the news – a vestigial organ. What if I told you that there is an amateur weatherman – yes, a weatherman – with an almost cult-like following, whose forecasts people follow every day? And what if you learnt that he is not even formally trained, but receives thousands of questions every day about the weather?

Meet 35-year-old Pradeep John, a.k.a the ‘Tamil Nadu Weatherman’. For the last 7 years, this self-confessed Pluviophile (lover of rain), has been blogging and updating a Facebook page called Tamil Nadu Weatherman.

“In 2010 I started publishing interesting rainfall related information under different titles like ‘Top 20 rainfall stations in India’ and so on,” says Pradeep. Initially, the blog did not get much traction, but this didn’t deter him from posting articles regularly.

Today with over 2 lakh followers on social media, it would not be a stretch to say that this self-taught weatherman’s forecasts are more closely followed than the Met department’s! Pradeep, although untrained in meteorology, does have a degree in Computer Science, and an MBA in Finance. Full story...

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