Tuesday, August 22, 2017

French nightclub gives women free drinks for wearing short skirts!!!

A French nightclub has prompted outrage over an unusual pricing policy, which rewarded girls in short skirts with cheaper drinks.

“The shorter it is, the more you get in return!” promised the L'Annexe club in Saint-Laurent-du-Var on the French Riviera.

All women attending the club on Friday night in a skirt measuring less than 25cm were allowed in for free, according to a publicity video.

Skirts between 18cm and 23cm long would entitle the wearer to one free drink, while those wearing a skirt less than 18cm long would be ‘rewarded’ with a bottle of Rosé wine.

 The nightclub included some conditions on the deal: it was only valid before 2:30am, and “skirts worn over leggings, opaque tights, trousers, etc.” were excluded from the offer. Full story...

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