Friday, July 21, 2017

Why do people steal cheese?

What do you think the most stolen food item is in the grocery store? I asked that question on Facebook, and most of my friends guessed items like baby formula, meat or checkout lane candy bars.

They were wrong. People love stealing cheese. And not always from grocery stores.

At the Yeovil Show in Somerset, England, two hefty blocks of cheddar cheese were declared champion and reserve champion on July 15. They were stolen that night. According to the Guardian, the blocks each weighed about 20 pounds and each would have retailed for about £800, or $1,042. That's some serious cheddar, literally.

Rich Clothier, a third generation cheesemaker and the managing director of Wyke Farms, which produced the cheeses, is offering a £500 ($651) reward for the return of the cheeses. "These cheeses could be considered masterpieces," he told the Guardian. "It's a bit like having a valuable painting stolen." Full story...

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