Monday, June 12, 2017

The sideshow that never leaves town...


What has emerged from the politicization of our lives – a process that has made us subservient to institutional interests – is the “size theory of social misery” so well described by Leopold Kohr. We have allowed ourselves to be burdened by a supra-institutional body, the political Establishment; an entity owned and controlled by self-appointed elites who have an interest in keeping mankind under their domination at the base of their pyramidal structures of power. Schools and the mainstream media have been the principal tools with which to condition and reinforce the conditioning in our imposed duty of obedience to the state.

Both the purpose and effect of all this is to train us in the skills that will be useful to the established order. It is not to help us learn how to think independently, how to make relevant distinctions, how to explore reality and values that lie beyond the boundaries set for us, how to discriminate between truth and fashion, how to be self-directed in our thinking and actions, and how to live for our own purposes. In your own experiences, has your formal schooling or encounters with the establishment media served any of the ends that enhanced your individuality?

Trained to serve the power structure that presumes to have authority over us, we are quite familiar with the verb form of the word train. But the noun usage of that word tells us something of what we have become. “Training” produces a “train,” which one dictionary informs us is “a succession of pack animals traveling in the same direction.” What better description of what we have allowed ourselves to become: both the means and the ends by which otherwise self-directed individuals are compacted into one manageable herd of indistinguishable parts. The U.S. government’s collectivist motto, e pluribus unum, is an open admission of the dehumanized and morally obscene nature of the state. Full story...

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