Sunday, April 16, 2017

Etihad Airways turns plane around for elderly couple to visit dying grandson...

Etihad Airways has been praised for their "above and beyond" customer service when a plane was turned around at Manchester Airport to allow an elderly couple to visit their dying grandson.

The couple, who were were preparing to set off for Australia via Abu Dhabi on March 30, found out about their grandson's condition only after they had boarded the flight, reported a news portal.

The couple's travel agent, Becky Stephenson, said they were switching off their mobile phone when they noticed a missed call from their son-in-law.

"They were taxiing on the runway when they got the text message saying their grandson was in intensive care and they needed to get there," said Stephenson.

The couple informed the crew, who spoke to the captain, who then turned the plane back to the boarding gate, Stephensons said. Full story...

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