Thursday, November 17, 2016

Politics and social media are ripping apart families, friendships, churches...

It’s incredibly sad when you thought you had friends, a church family, a close-knit neighborhood and strong familial bonds only to find they were too shallow to survive a vote. Due to social media, we now have a little too much insight into the opinions of others, and it’s dividing relationships that were otherwise loving and healthy.

Facebook is littered with stories of friendships ripped apart by voting disagreements. A friend of mine lost over half her Twitter contacts retweeted several pro-Trump Tweets, and she’s not even American.

Users of Facebook are reporting being unfriended and even blocked by those with differing political opinions. I’ll admit that I did change my privacy settings during the election because I wanted to avoid the angry political discussions, but my goal in that was to be able to remain friends with the people who see the world differently than I do.

But others don’t feel that way. They’re severing ties. People that have known each other for years. People who have been to each others’ homes. People whose children are in the same class at school. People who go to church together. Full story...

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