Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Duterte curses priests for calling for end to killings...

President Duterte yesterday lashed out at the Catholic Church and cussed its priests and a bishop for calling an end to the killings associated with the war against illegal drugs.

The President said he could not end the campaign against drugs now, saying it would compromise the next generation.

“Si Capalla, yong bishop namin doon, pareho man kami may mga kabit rin. Sila Obispo, ako mayor noon. Mga pari pu… na, bwisit. Mga pamoral-moral (Capalla was our bishop then. We’re the same, we both have mistresses. He was bishop, I was mayor then. These priests are sons of… b**t. They pretend to be morally right),” Duterte said, referring to former Davao bishop Fernando Capalla.

The President made the remark during a visit to Camp Abendan in Barangay Mercedes, Zamboanga City where he honored the anti-drug accomplishments of police stations in Zamboanga peninsula. Full story...

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