Sunday, August 21, 2016

Woman missed last bus home so she stole an ambulance!!!

A woman left hospital to realise she had missed the last bus home so did the thing most of us would do… she stole an ambulance.

Lisa Carr, 43, had been discharged from Deaconess Hospital, Cincinnati, when she went on the joyride in the emergency vehicle.

She was later arrested and told police that she saw the ambulance parked up with its engine running on Thursday night so decided to get in and take it.

Police wrote in a report: ‘Mrs. Carr stated that she took the vehicle because she missed the last bus’

They had tracked the ambulance down via its GPS when the usual driver, who had just dropped a patient off, flagged down a police officer to report it stolen, according to Fox 19.

Carr was charged with theft, failure to comply with police and driving under suspension. She did, however, drive within the speed limit. Source...

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