Thursday, August 25, 2016

Police in Nigeria arrest guy for naming his dog Buhari, after the president...

Thirty-year-old Nigerian trader Joachim Chinakwe is a big fan of his country’s current head of state, Muhammadu Buhari. So much so that, he says, he recently decided to name his pet dog after the president.

Unfortunately, things got weird for Chinakwe after a feud with a neighbor and the police’s overzealousness.

Chinkawe, a resident of the southwestern state of Ogun, was detained for three days last Saturday after a neighbor complained about the dog’s name. According to some reports, Chinakwe’s neighbor, allegedly from a northern state, complained the name was a deliberate insult to his own father, who is called Alhaji Buhari. President Buhari is also from the north of Nigeria, where his biggest support base lies.

The police have since alleged that Chinakwe wrote “Buhari” on the dog’s flanks, and walked him through a local market popular with northern traders — a move they said could cause a breach of the peace as Chinakwe was deliberately provoking northerners. Chinakwe denied the allegations. A spokesperson for the president couldn’t be reached, and there’s no evidence he is even aware of the incident. More + photos...

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