Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Pervert posts sick Craigslist ad taking advantage of ‘stunning’ homeless women by offering shelter in exchange for SEX...

A SICKO has posted an online ad calling on “stunning” homeless women to get in touch so he can give them shelter — in return for SEX.

The grim advert is one of hundreds listed on the notorious buy-and-sell site Craigslist that a charity has said aim to “exploit” vulnerable women.

Dozens of twisted ads openly state that homeless women or female students looking for accommodation can pay with their bodies.

One grim post said a female student could act as a “resource” in return for free digs.

Another illiterate perv said: “If there is any homeless single stunning females who are out there seeking to save or seeking to be re-housed by a friendly genuine white britisg guy then look no further. Full story...

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