Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Is Wikipedia controlled by the scum/filth “skeptics?” Or is something else going on here?

There is no question that Wikipedia is not our friend. It is obviously “Skeptic” Grand Dragon Home Base. Sifting though Wikipedia articles on health care is like being forced to listen to convicted pedophiles talk about their “conquests.”

Wikipedia Health articles are THAT horrible.

And, of course, when we study the “skeptic” leadership, and management picture, how that horror happens, becomes obvious.

I am a well known Crisis Management Consultant in health care. One of the tactics I use on behalf of clients is to set up campaigns that include, among other things, litigation. So, of course, it should be no surprise I am looking at what litigation, and PR campaign, would be necessary to bring Wikipedia down – just simply destroy it. Get it off the internet. Why destroy it? Because they have been asked nicely, time and time again to fix problems – and they answer with nastiness.

Frankly, I think it is time to just shut it down. Wikipedia has failed. It is simply a propaganda tool for the unwashed. Full story...

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