Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Honey, the dentist shrunk my penis!

A mouthguard has been reported to Sweden's Medical Products Agency after an unhappy patient complained it was ruining his sex life – by causing erectile dysfunction and shrinking his penis.

The man was prescribed the device in February 2015 to stop him grinding his teeth at night. He then used it for ten months, during which he among other things registered his penis getting increasingly smaller.

He told his dentist that he suspected it was in fact the plastic material which was causing the erectile dysfunction. A week after he stopped using it he said his penis returned to normal size.

The dentist in turn, who is based in Kronoberg county in southern Sweden, has now reported the incident to the Medical Products Agency, writes the Kvällsposten tabloid.

 Mouthguards, also known as gumshields or bite splints, are used to protect teeth from harmful impact, for example by sports stars and people who grind their teeth. They are usually attached to the upper teeth. Source...

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