Saturday, March 26, 2016

National vaccine scandal in China becomes source of frustration and outrage...

Scattered reports from around China over the years of mysterious deaths of children after being vaccinated suddenly took on a sinister new significance recently after a large smuggling ring dealing in adulterated inoculants was broken up.

The scandal has focused renewed attention, and anger, at endemic corruption and regulatory oversight in China. These are common themes of complaint among Chinese, though in this case they have been expressed with uncommon fury, and by individuals who rarely stick their necks out.

Food and drug authorities in eastern China said that the illicit vaccine business they busted had involved over 300 individuals in 24 provinces, over 2 million vaccinations, and 570 million yuan ($88 million). Authorities are charging a mother and daughter as chief culprits in the ring; they were detained last year in Shandong Province.

The women did not have proper refrigeration facilities for the vaccines, which according to state media were the kinds used to treat rabies, polio, hepatitis A, and other diseases. Full story...

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