Sunday, March 20, 2016

Inside the secret world of Toronto’s fraudulent fortune-telling industry...

First, Jack was diagnosed with clinical depression after his father died in 2006. Two years later, his 14-year marriage collapsed and he had to fight for access to his two children. Four years after that, he fell in love with a co-worker and got engaged, but the relationship fell apart justbefore the wedding.

In 2013, his ex-fiancée filed harassment charges and he spent a night in jail. Almost immediately, he lost his job.

On the road to rock bottom, Jack, an educated professional in his 40s, did what most of us would do: he reached for something to turn around his fortunes.

But seeking spiritual guidance from five Toronto fortune tellers only pushed him deeper into turmoil. By the time he was finished, he had lost as much as $25,000 and had to sell his house. Full story...

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