Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The 'dirty secrets' of airlines revealed...

Holidaymakers who feel like they’re trapped when they set foot on a plane really are, according to a business travel expert who has set out to expose the ‘dirty secrets’ of airlines.

When passengers buy a plane ticket, they become so vulnerable to the terms and conditions that they 'virtually have no rights', said Joe Brancatelli.

Very few people bother to read the fine print and, as it turns out, a plane ticket isn’t a contract, leaving passengers at the mercy of the carrier. Brancatelli has revealed five little-known facts that will likely give travellers plenty to think about the next time they book a flight.

Brancatelli, founder of the travel website JoeSentMe, told Yahoo Travel that a ticket is not a contract and the times and destinations on it are not binding.

In their contract of carriage, airlines say they have no duty to honour their posted schedule and may alter or omit the destinations, he added. Full story...

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