Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Money talks: Norway ‘paying’ asylum-seekers to leave country...

Norway appears to have found a way novel to tackle the country’s refugee crisis: offer asylum-seekers cash to get out.

Along with a one-way ticket paid for, each refugee who made it to Norway could receive tens of thousands of Norwegian kroners if he or she agrees to leave the country voluntarily.

Hordes of foreign nationals arriving from Syria, Iraq and Northern Africa seek asylum in EU countries, believing that the Norwegian government will be able to take care of them right away, but officials say the asylum process can take months or even years

"They thought they would have the opportunity to work or take an education — and maybe even to get their family to Norway," said Katinka Hartman, head of the immigration department's return unit (UDI), according to NRK Television.

"Many cannot wait (for the asylum process to run its course). They have family at home who expect them to be able to help," said Hartman.

She also stressed that Norway has long had issues accommodating displaced persons from Somalia, and this latest initiative may help with that as well. Full story...

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