Thursday, December 17, 2015

How many calories does walking up the stairs burn?

Back in a day, when big cities started struggling with space for new buildings, more and more tall structures were built. That way, by occupying the same area on the ground as ordinary houses, these tall buildings were able to accommodate much more. In cities were the amount of tax was calculated on square feet of the land occupied, tall structures were also a great way to maximise revenue by paying less tax.

Nowadays, we cannot imagine any big city without skyscrapers or tall residential developments. But the truth is, most of us could never live or work in them if lifts were never invented. However, have you ever wondered what benefits can good old stairs bring? How many calories would you burn every time you do not use the lift?

Let’s find out.


As with many things in life, simple things are often well underestimated. Climbing the stairs is one of them.

Make this little change in your life by starting tomorrow and you will feel the difference before you know it! Full story...

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