Thursday, October 15, 2015

UN: Brazil's police kill kids to "clean streets" for Olympics...

The United Nations has accused Brazilian police of killing street children to “clean the streets” ahead of the Olympic Games 2016 to be hosted in Rio de Janeiro.

  The accusation, which appeared in a report on Brazilian youth published earlier this week, claims that the country’s security forces are directly linked to the “elevated number of summary executions of children,” allegedly facilitated by “widespread impunity.”

According to Renate Winter, vice president of the U.N. Committee on the Rights of the Child, this wave of violence is not new but is most palpable in Rio de Janeiro in order to “present a problem-free city to the world.”

“We have observed similar events during the World Cup in 2014 and now we wondered if this phenomenon was addressed as it should have been in order to avoid a repetition” said committee member Gehad Madi.

In July, a UNICEF report similarly found that 28 people under 19 were killed every day in Brazil, double the number when the country passed a law to protect minors in 1990. This death rate is higher than in war zones, according to the agency. Full story...

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