Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Is $3million too much for a family recipe in Singapore?

"These last few years I haven't had as much energy, because I've been standing up for nearly 40 years, running this business," says Betty Kong.

Ms Kong and her husband Ha Wai Kay had the same routine every day. They would wake up before dawn and journey to their roast meat shop to start the day's cooking.

Drawing on a secret recipe inherited from his father, Mr Ha would be in the kitchen taking care of roasting the pork and duck, while his wife would prepare the front of house.

From around 11am, customers would start pouring into their modest eatery and would keep coming until closing time after sunset.

Mr Ha started out roasting meat in a small stall in Singapore's Chinatown, but over time the business grew and they moved to a small shop, naming the Kay Lee Roast Meat Joint. Full story...

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