Wednesday, June 03, 2015

How Ikea uses food to trick you into spending...

HAVE you ever wondered why the food at Ikea is so cheap?

No, it’s not because they want to apologise for making you assemble your own furniture.

A recent discussion on question-and-answer site Quora has revealed some of the best mind tricks restaurants use to get customers to pay more.

Surprisingly, Ikea, which you wouldn’t think of as a traditional restaurant and more of a Swedish relationship minefield, rates at the top for tricky business.

Chris Spear, a chef who previously worked at an Ikea food-service operation, explained that the whole purpose of the quick-service restaurants is to “reinforce their low price profile” on items in the rest of the store, even if it means selling food at a loss.

“You have no idea how much a couch costs. You see one you like for $599. Is that a good price? You have no idea because you’ve never bought a couch before,” he explained. Full story...

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