Saturday, March 14, 2015

Saudi man divorces wife over her love for camel!!!

A Saudi man divorced his wife after he became convinced she loved her father’s camel than she loved him.

The husband and wife were on a visit to her family’s house west of the capital Riyadh when he verbally flirted with her to show how deep his love for her was.

However, the wife reportedly failed to match the emotions of his love expressions and told him that he was dear to her, but not as much as her father’s camel “Al Waleef”, local news site Sada reported.

The husband was shocked by her statement particularly that she uttered it in front of her brothers, but opted to lapse into silence and did not comment.

On their way home, the wife offered further details about Al Waleef, and said that her father had refused to sell it, even though he was offered a high price for it. The husband once more felt offended by his wife’s remarks and could not appreciate her exaggerated admiration for the camel, but preferred not to comment.

According to the site, the husband on Friday evening took his wife on a tour in the desert and headed to the area where her father kept his camels. Full story...

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